Whipped Shea Butter with Herb Infused Oil


Whipped Shea Butter infused with calendula oil



Botanicals Beauty¬†Whipped Shea Body Butters¬†blended with a plant-infused oil which is handmade using carrier oils and dried lavender to additional hydration, sooth skin, reduce the appearance of scars and blemishes, and provide anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. The whipped shea butters are true whipped shea butters and contain NO water. This makes them super concentrated; but, the recipe is prepared in a way that makes the oils quickly absorb into the skin instead of leaving your skin greasy. You’ll be amazed by how it melts into the skin. The ingredients and the technique make for a winning combination.

Infused with Calendula Oil (Calendula, *Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil)

  • Aloe + Green Tea (Unisex) Whipped Shea Butter: Cool citrusy fragrance with a hint of vanilla
  • Amour Whipped Shea Butter: Exotic floral scent with hints of amber and vanilla; Smells like:
    amber, jasmine, orchids, vanilla
  • Ecstasy Whipped Shea Butter: A soft, exotic Jasmine based scent with floral, powdery and fruity notes. Smells like: rose, lilac, jasmine, powder
  • Green Tea (Unisex) Whipped Shea Butter: Fresh, crisp and invigorating scent. Smells like: green tea, lavender
  • Gypsy Whipped Shea Butter: Very exotic scent that blends sweet and citrusy notes with a delicate floral base. Smells like: jasmine, citrus, amber
  • Lemongrass + Bergamot (Unisex) Whipped Shea Butter (NEW): Fresh, clean, citrus, lemongrass; fragrance-free essential oil blend
  • Pink Champagne Whipped Shea Butter: Sweet, feminine, flirty. Smells like: sweet brandy, berries, sweet citrus
  • Naked (Unisex) Whipped Shea Butter: Clean and earthy essential oil blend. Smells like: frankincense, lemongrass, lavender
  • Paradise Whipped Shea Butter: Feminine & exotic, very fragrant Smells like: notes of apricot, verbena, orchids, amber


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